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Paper Plants

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Paper Plants

We offer turnkey solution for paper plant projects for the last 25 years. Offering comprehensive range of paper plant & paper plant machinery including continuous digesters, spherical digesters, hydro pulpers, potcher washer & writing paper machinery. Till date, we have supplied more then 150 spherical digesters in 30 M3, 40 M3and 60 M3 capacity to our clients from India and abroad.

  • Lye-Mixtures
  • Blow Tanks
  • Caustic Recovery System
  • Caustic Recovery
  • Clarifiers
  • Beaters
  • Hydropulpers
  • Lime Sludge Recovery System
  • Thickeners
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Drying Cylinder
  • Caustisizing Plants
  • Lime Sludge Recovery Plant
  • E.O.T Cranes
  • Batch Type
  • Potcher Washers
  • Vacuum Filters
  • Complete Lime Plant
  • Chlorination Tower
  • Continuous Type Digesters

We have supplied more than 150 Digestors of different diameter and have also supplied different type of paper machinery to various clients in India & abroad.